Motion is life

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New model



Order your choice of meals weekly from our website


Your order of freshly prepared meals are delivered weekly to your door


Open up your meal and heat for the allotted time


Enjoy your delicious meal at your home, office, or on the go

Proteins Builds and repairs muscle. When training hard and recovering from injury. ‘Power’ athletes such as weight lifters will eat more protein. Minerals Helps release energy from food. Helps decision making. When do we need it in sport? Training hard and competing


There is nothing better than a body that had been taken care of. Regular exercise is a must but let’s not forget that our diet is 70% of work on a fit body. But how can you find time to prep the meals?

With us you don’t have to! We will make sure that all the meals you order are full of nutrients that your amazing body needs! Easy to manage food is a way to go in our fast paced days – and it does not have to be a fast food! Check our range of delicious meals in the shop section.

Fibre Can't be digested. Fills you up. Healthy digestion, (no constipation) helps in sport. Also helps with weight control.

Only fresh ingredients

We operate on 2 day delivery basis to ensure your meals are prepared with only fresh and high quality ingredients!
For example if you order on Monday you will receive your delivery on Wednesday. When placing an order on Friday we will make sure it is ready at your doorstep on Monday. Bon apetit!